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The works presented were born from an idea, a color, a basic product that became inspiration. They have crossed universes of passions and feelings, fantasies and memories, disappointments and visions, impressions and outbursts. These works reveal interior or visual universes, different and varied, but above all, personal.

The work process on this project was dynamic and spontaneous, like the preparation in the kitchen: try, mix, taste, try again, doubt and finally - present.

And always with that spontaneous finishing touch, the illumination of the last moment ...
The intimate universe of Chefs, for whom fish, meat, vegetables, fruit or condiments are the basic products and the plate the canvas, is represented here beyond the plate - material and color on canvas. This project proves that the Chefs are, above all, artists: their availability, their enthusiasm, their originality and their creative passion have generated a fertile and extraordinary process, offering a unique result. 


colorfood symphonete is a unique project with Symphonete Ra'anana

The chefs created culinary creations with the inspiration of classical music.

Symphonete Ra'anana recorded 12 classical creations especially for this project, the chefs created on an image of the musician hands with the musical instrument.

the people in the exhibition scanned a bar code and listened to the music while they watch the image. 


The COLORFOOD project created over 200 creations, with more than 100 chefs and artists from Israel, France, Italy and Ecuador. COLORFOOD was presented for the first time at the Jaffa Art Fair, and has since traveled from Tel Aviv, to Milan in Italy, to Vejle in Denmark, Marseille in France and Ecuador.